Sliz Apparels is a Kolkata based bags & small accessories company that believes in providing the very best products and service to our customers. We offer high-quality messenger bags, backpacks, duffle bags and small accessories such as wallets, purse and scarves for women and men, crafted in a wide range of styles and materials. Inspired by the creative energy of our city and an intense desire to make great products, we started Sliz Apparels to share our passion for bags with our customers. We know how people love their bags, and just how particular they can be about them. That’s why we are committed to providing an incredibly diverse selection, extensive product descriptions and plenty of photos so that our customers can find that oh-so-perfect bag. As a Kolkata-based company, we craft our bags by drawing inspiration from the excitement, diversity, creativity and culture we experience in a fast-paced metropolitan environment.  We originally designed our bags for people who thrive on the urban experience and celebrate the creative spirit. However, we soon realized that well-designed bags hold enormous appeal for people in all environments and in all walks of life. They offer organization, convenience and infinite utility, while also accentuating unique personal style. We understand that a well-designed bag is the ultimate synthesis of form and function, and we want to help each and every customer find the perfect bag for them. We have many years of experience designing and manufacturing exceptional messenger bags and backpacks, while also providing outstanding customer experiences. We want to share our commitment to providing top-quality products and personalized service with our customers.

In addition to our passion for bags, we share a strong set of humanistic, environmental and social values that guide the way we conduct every aspect of our business. We strive to be a positive presence in our neighbourhood, our community and the global marketplace. We won’t sacrifice our principles for a better bottom line, and we embrace a culture that celebrates environmental and social responsibility.

What’s unique about Sliz Apparels? The complete sourcing experience from start to finish! We invite you to visit our site the same way we would invite you into our homes, and we strive to provide you with unparalleled hospitality and customer service. We want you to enjoy your sourcing experience. We provide extreme flexibility and patience to develop perfect bags that you may have conceived in your mind for your brand. We not only provide huge range of canvas to choose from namely waxed canvas, oil & waxed canvas, water repellent canvas, plain dyed canvas of different thickness but also provide high quality varieties of leather to be used as trims. We have excellent tie-up with the best of canvas and leather manufacturer to make high quality bags. We always have someone available to assist you via phone, whatsapp, skype or email, and to answer any questions you may have.

To be close to our customer and share information we take part in various reputed international trade fairs throughout the year with our latest collection where our existing and new customers get to see them and place order.

Thank you for visiting Sliz Apparels. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback, and from our bag aficionados to you, welcome to the Sliz Apparels family!